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    He sang to her;


    Night turned itself over to Day,

    Where Being was crowned by Her warming sun.

    Quoth the songbirds of four-hundred voices, ‘Let thy beauty grace the human one.’

    The essence of a thousand flowers perfumed the air of Her realm.

    Blossoms sparkled down from the heavens,

    And enraptured the heart of man.

    So lost was he in the light of Her beauty,

    That navigate he could not,

    Neither sea nor land

    So that Day, full of grace and compassion,

    Consumed the yearnings of man.

    The sun and the stars and the moon filled the cosmos with their laughter,

    For the hearts of mortal men were enslaved to Day thereafter.


    Ce Acatl took her face into his hands and said unto her, “I am the son of god, Ometéotl, the one for whom we all live. But am I not a man? Shall I live forever and deny the virility that makes me mortal? I have always loved you.”

The Last Toltec King 
©2014 Julie Black


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Julie Black
United States
I'm looking for artists to illustrate graphic novels of stories in Texas history (children's lit). Wanted: unique style, high intensity color, traditional: Previous experience and resume.

See a synopsis of The Last Toltec King and my Bio below;

In Cem Anahuac, the ancient world of the Toltecs, the gods are at war, and they fight their battles through the lives of men. Tonalnan is brought into this world by her peasant mother, Citlali, amidst abduction, suffering and slavery. Through a twist of fate, Tonalnan grows to become an ambitious Toltec noblewoman who builds a dynastic fortune in a patriarchal society.

Meanwhile, in a distant corner of Cem Anahuac, the child prince Ce Acatl Topiltzin is favored by Quetzalcoatl, the god of creation and fertility. The prince triumphs over the Queen of Ignorance, a monstrous four-headed serpent, and attains spiritual enlightenment in the pyramid city of Xochicalco. Ce Acatl, now known as the penitent priest, teaches a growing multitude of followers. In time, he becomes the priest-king of the Toltecs at Tula.

Enemy forces loom in the distance, as the Chichimeca, a fierce band of nomads led by a malicious sorcerer, plan to destroy the Toltecs and claim the city as their own. Tohuenyo is a Chichimeca warrior who thwarts his tribe’s sinister plans unexpectedly.

As time passes, the benevolent king Ce Acatl builds a mighty empire, but at prosperity’s zenith and amidst opulent good fortune, he angers the gods through hubris after an exciting tournament, and they curse his house by withholding their bounty.

Seizing the opportunity, the dark lord Tezcatlipoca descends from the Heavens on a spider thread to destroy Quetzalcoatl’s people so that he, Tezcatlipoca, will become their favored god and king...

Will the ancient Toltecs triumph over the dark forces that threaten their survival?

Find out when you read The Last Toltec King. Learn the origins of the ancient Mexicans and their pantheon of gods, discover the difference between Quetzalcoatl the god and Quetzalcoatl the man, and understand the legend of his return.


Julie M. Black (b.1963 - ) has a degree in History of Latin America from the University of California at Davis. While a graduate student, she studied at the Mexican National Autonomous University (UNAM) in Mexico City. She lived in Mexico after graduating from U.C. Davis, where she spent more than a decade teaching English and History in Morelia, Michoacan and San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. She currently teaches in Austin, Texas where she resides with her son.

"I am a struggling reader. When I was a child, I was easily frustrated with comprehension, as I could not contruct meaning from the sea of words on the pages. I lacked the focus and concentration necessary to pay attention to what I was reading. As a result, I quickly gave up, and went outside to play in the mud and climb trees.

"I eventually began to read on a consistent basis in college. As a history major, I was required to read, on average, five hundred pages a week. As you can imagine, my reading skills soon strengthened, but the challenges of being a struggling reader have remained with me to this day. I have learned to compensate by pre-reading, re-reading, and reflecting. And re-reading again.

"The fact that I have been able to produce a literary work of this magnitude is a testament to never giving up. The Last Toltec King took over fifteen years to bring to completion, with gaps in the writing process that lasted for several years. But perseverance pays off and after what seemed like eons, I finally reached those words of finality "The End."

- Julie M. Black


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